Faith Lutheran School

 Preschool-8th Grade    Kirksville, Missouri

Ms. Lawrence's 7th and 8th Grades


We will be going on a field trip to Union Station in Kansas City to see the Pompeii exhibit. The fee to see the exhibit will come from the fee that the students were asked to pay to go to the Science Center. Six of the eight students were scheduled to go on that field trip and have already paid their money. I will send messages to the parents of the two students that will need to pay the fee. We will leave the school at 8 am on that day. Students will need to arrive at school by 7:45 am to prepare to leave. Students will need to bring money to purchase their lunch and any souvenirs that they may want. We will also stop for supper somewhere on the way home. Students are not required to purchase supper, as they may want to wait until they arrive home. We should be back between 7:30 – 8:00 pm.


I will be taking the 8th graders to the high school for their orientation day. They will spend time with the school counselors, be assigned a student ambassador for the morning and stay for lunch. We will return to FLS after the lunch period is over. The 7th grade will remain at FLS.


The class has been invited to a lunch & learn session that is being held by the Kirksville Art Association concerning their Lincoln exhibit. Students will take their own sack lunch and drink with them to this event.

Monday, February 27th:

The students will be presenting and having displays at the S.T.E.A.M. Summit at the Kirksville Middle School. This is an all day event. Lunch will be provided for the students at the Summit. Students will be presenting their prosthetic hand projects on stage and will have a display booth with the information about the prosthetic hand project and the finished product. This is a non-school day, as it was last year, but involves their science project grade. I will send home further information about this day.

If there are any questions, please contact me.


We are rapidly moving through the 3rd quarter [end of quarter is March 10]. Students need to keep their end goal for the quarter in mind. They need to continue to monitor their work quality, the due dates of work and the requirements for completing work. The second book report for the quarter is due by March 3rd.

February 14th: At the middle school age, we do not do exchange valentines. We do usually watch a movie or show. Snacks for that afternoon are welcome.

Calendar notes:

  • February 17th – no school
  • February 20th – no school
  • February 27th – no school but students are presenting at S.T.E.A.M. Summit on this day