Faith Lutheran School

 Preschool-8th Grade    Kirksville, Missouri

Kindergarten News

April 8, 2016

Lots of Learning in Kindergarten

  • Next week, we will be focusing on the short u sound (like in up). This will help us to read words in the -ut, -un and -up families.
  • In science, we have been observing our apples that we will present at the science fair. The class is experimenting to see if touching an apple with dirty or clean hands will cause it to grow more mold. Of course, we have to record our observations, too.
  • We will start a new reading unit called Exploring Our Surroundings. This will allow us to observe how nature is changing as we get farther into spring.
  • We have added he and she to our word wall. We will add one, little, this and has over the next two weeks.

Post Office Field Trip

Next week on Tuesday, April 12, we will take a short field trip to the Kirksville Post Office. We will tour and get to see where they sort the mail. If you can, please leave a booster seat at the school on Tuesday morning. We will leave school at 10:50 and be back for lunch at 11:50.

April 12

Trip to Post Office

April 12

Tooth Varnish

April 18

1:00- Field Day Activities

April 19

3:30-5:30 Book Fair Event

April 22

No School- Daycare available

Please return the form to let the office know if your child will attend summer school and if your child will attend Faith Lutheran in the fall. Mrs. Thompson would love to have them all next year.