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Faith Lutheran School currently offers Middle School programming for students in 5-8th grades. Students benefit from a multi-grade classroom in addition to individualized, small group classes with their grade-level peers.

Middle School students at FLS participate in an academically rigorous curriculum that includes hands-on science labs, interactive social studies units, opportunities for accelerated math and language arts learning, i-Pad integrated classrooms, and band instruction. Students also have Physical Education at least twice weekly, and study health, computer skills, and have the opportunity to participate in music, drama, and to be part of a publishing group. FLS Middle Schoolers attend chapel weekly and participate in daily classroom Bible studies.

Faith Lutheran School is a MSHAA member school partnered with William Matthew Middle School in Kirksville. This allows our students to participate in the sports teams and other clubs in the Kirksville R-III school district. 

We are also partnered with another private school in Kirksville to provide our 5th and 6th grade students with an oppurtunity to play basketball.